Explore the JavaScript PDF Viewer control’s five standout features.

· Virtualization  · Flexible comment panel  · Annotations · Digital signatures · Toolbar options


Thousands of pages in PDF files can be loaded quickly with on-demand loading and virtualization support. It helps to reduce the initial loading time for larger PDF files.

Flexible comment panel

The comment panel allows users to add annotations, reply to comments, and assign statuses effortlessly to the PDF file.


Users can add, modify, and remove text markup annotations like highlights, underlines, and strikethroughs within a PDF document.

Digital signatures

Elevate your digital workflow with the ability to incorporate handwritten signatures into your PDF files. Customize them by resizing and repositioning them.

Toolbar options

The JS PDF Viewer’s toolbar lets users perform actions such as page navigation, text searches, view mode adjustments, downloading, printing, bookmarking, and thumbnail previews.

Syncfusion JavaScript PDF Viewer

A lightweight and modular control that enables you to view and print PDF files in your web application. It provides a great viewing experience with core interactions like zooming, scrolling, text searching, selection, and copying.