Resource view

Present resources as a distinct layout integrated with a calendar, showcasing the scheduled appointments for each resource in a chronological view to improve visibility.

Schedule view

Display a list of appointments organized by week, within specified minimum and maximum dates, using the schedule view. You can personalize all aspects, from date and time formats to the appearance of each header.

Drag and drop

Effortlessly reschedule an appointment by dragging it from its current time slot or month cell into a new time slot or month cell.

Load more

Appointments are loaded on demand whenever users transition between different views or when they reach the beginning or end of the schedule view while scrolling.

Quick view navigation

Users can effortlessly navigate through calendar views by utilizing buttons located in the header for date-picker views. Additionally, they can switch views by clicking on the month cell or view headers.

Syncfusion Flutter Calendar

The Flutter Calendar widget offers a user-friendly interface for custom working days, custom working hours, date navigation, selection, and other essential calendar operations.