Supports both horizontal and vertical strip lines, along with the customization of both. You can add more than one strip line to an axis, and they will be rendered in the chosen start-to-end ranges.

Strip line  feature

A kind of bar (column) chart that visually represents massive volumes of data that'd be difficult to understand in table format. It’s mainly used for frequency distribution.

Histogram  chart

Lasso selection mode lets you choose a region by drawing freehand shapes to extract a collection of data. This option also allows you to pick several regions on the chart.

Lasso  selection

Compare distinct data sets by combining two or more chart types  into a single chart. Zooming, panning, tooltips, trackball, and selection are  also supported.

Combinational charts

Ten types of indicators are supported by our React Charts component. They perform complex computations based on historical price, volume, or open interest data in predicting the financial market.

Technical  indicators

Build modern  React apps

The Syncfusion React suite offers 65+ UI and data visualization web controls, like DataGrid, Charts, and Scheduler, that are responsive and lightweight for building modern  web apps.