Here is the list of the 5 cybersecurity threats that you might not be aware of.

· Malware Attacks   · Phishing and Social Engineering   · Distributed Denial of Service      Attacks   · Insider Threats   · IoT Vulnerabilities 

Malware Attacks 

Malware, malicious software, can infect computers and networks and encompasses viruses, worms, trojans, and ransomware. These threats can cause data breaches and financial losses. 

Phishing and Social Engineering 

People’s finances, passwords, and other sensitive data are a prime target for scammers. They use fake websites, emails, and profiles that resemble legitimate ones to trick this info out of people. 

Distributed Denial of Service Attacks 

DDoS attacks flood a system or network with traffic, overwhelming it and causing service disruptions. These attacks are often used to disrupt online services. 

Insider Threats 

Employees or contractors who are unhappy with their jobs or the company could pose a risk to the company's data or operations. They may have access to sensitive information and could use it to harm the company. 

IoT Vulnerabilities 

As the Internet of Things (IoT) devices become more common, they present new opportunities for cyberattacks. If these devices are not secure, hackers can use them to get into networks and steal information. 

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