Numeric Range Slider

The numerical values can be formatted into different decimal digits, a fixed number of whole numbers, or units. Users can format the numeric range sliders any way they want.

Single Value Slider

Users can select a specific numeric value from a range using the single value slider feature. Using a single thumb or two thumbs, the user can select a single value or a range.

Formatting Values

Format the units of Range Slider values as desired. Users can prefix, postfix, and prettify the given values when formatting the slider values.

Custom Slider

Users can change the type of slider to date, time, price, rating, and other sliders. CSS and callback events can also be used to customize the slider bar, background, thumbs, ticks, and tooltips.


The ticks feature allows users to identify the Slider's current values quickly. It includes both SmallStep and LargeStep. The sliders will only show the value of the major ticks.

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