High Performance

Designed and optimized for fast performance, the JavaScript Word Processor utilizes JavaScript running completely on the client-side to deliver fast and efficient word-processing features.

Restrict editing

With the Word Processor, you can limit editing access. When a document is protected with range permissions, only a specific user or group of users are permitted to make changes to a designated section of the text.

Microsoft Word-like editor

The Word Processor is a comprehensive text document editor component that offers a wide range of features. It allows you to integrate an editing solution similar to Microsoft Word into your web application.

Add notes using comments

The Word Processor enables you to include comments in your documents. You can add, navigate, and remove comments using both the UI and code.

Globalization and localization

Allow users from different regions to utilize the component by formatting dates, currency, and numbers to fit their language and culture preferences.

Syncfusion JavaScript Word Processor

The JavaScript Word Processor is a feature-rich UI component with editing capabilities like Microsoft Word. It can be used to create, edit, view, and print Word and other text documents.