Two modes of display

The Xamarin Picker control is an item selector control. It can be set with a stand-alone layout or can appear as a dialog when a button is pressed.

Cascading support

External services, like Bing Maps and OpenStreetMap, are used to view satellite, aerial, and street maps, locating map data quickly. Other map sources, such as Google Maps, can also be used to render maps.

Header and footer support

For each column, you can use a different heading. Fonts, text colors, and other elements of column headers can be customized. Validation buttons (OK and Cancel) in the footer of the Xamarin.Forms Picker control determine whether or not the selection action should be performed.


A template for picker items that can modify their appearance is accepted by the Picker control. The Picker control can be used as a date, time, or language picker with simple customization.

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