GeoJSON Data Binding

To visualize any geometric shape in SVG format in maps, you can Bind GeoJSON data to it. You can render a world map or country map and alter it with the control's built-in options to achieve the required layout.

Geospatial Imaging Services

External services, like Bing Maps and OpenStreetMap, are used to view satellite, aerial, and street maps, locating map data quickly. Other map sources, such as Google Maps, can also be used to render maps.

Multiple Layers

A JavaScript map with several geometric layers in a single view can be generated with sublayers. You can render geographic elements of a country, such as rivers and valleys, as a sublayer. Each layer can also be drilled.


Markers are notes on maps that indicate or mark a specific latitude and longitude using particular symbols. Multiple markers can be displayed in the same spot by grouping them together and overlapping them.


Used to convey additional information about shapes such as population density and land area. Circle and square shapes are available. Based on a shape's underlying data values, its bubble renders with various magnitudes and colors.

Color Mapping

Categorize map shapes by differentiating their colors based on underlying values. Use range color mapping, equal color mapping, and desaturation color mapping.


A legend is a key explaining what various colors, shapes, or other identifiers in a map represent. Default and interactive legends are supported in the Maps control.

Navigation and Tooltips

On a geographic map, use navigation lines to indicate plane or ship routes between two points. On mouseover, a tooltip gives information about a shape value, also showing for markers and bubbles.


Change the projection of maps to various types:  Mercator, rectangular, Miller, Eckert3, Eckert5, Eckert6, Winkel3.

Custom shapes

Render customized GeoJSON data to indicate building infrastructure, points of interest, flight or bus seat arrangements, or sports stadium layouts on a JavaScript map with its custom shapes.

Drill-down support

Drill-down the rendered maps to display different shape data located on another layer. For example, by picking a continent, you can view all of the countries inside that continent.

Syncfusion JavaScript Maps

The JavaScript Maps control is ideal for rendering Maps from GeoJSON data or other map providers like OpenStreetMap, Google Maps, and Bing Maps. Its rich feature set includes markers, labels, bubbles, and more.