Explore the top 10 reasons for choosing react for app development 

 · Aesthetic clarity · Server-side rendering  · Simple to grasp · Components are reusable · High performance · Versatility · Trusted · Lots of support in community · SEO-friendly · Switching to React   Native is   simple

Aesthetic  clarity

As React doesn't have any patterns or architecture like MV*, a developer just has to grasp a component's lifecycles, states, and props to achieve anything in it.

Server-side rendering

It increases efficiency by rendering entire client-side, single-page applications on the server, then sending the rendered page to the client for static HTML display.

Simple  to grasp

It's not complex, as you only need to work on the front-end part while using React. You're good to go as long as you're familiar with JavaScript.

Components  are reusable

With React, you don't have to code the entire block at once for each UI block. Instead, you can start with the smaller components and reuse them until the final UI block.

High performance

A rerender is triggered in React whenever a component changes. It's basic features, such as server-side rendering and virtual DOM, help the website load quickly.


React.js code is simple to update and maintain due to its modular nature. React projects are incredibly adaptable, saving time and money in the long run.


Fortune 500 companies trust React.js when delivering high-performance products to their customers.

Lots of support  in community

React.js is one of the most supported frameworks, since you can get solutions to any issues on sites like StackOverflow and Quora, where experts are always willing to help.


As React can render on the server using Node, it can be crawled for content even by crawlers that don't run JavaScript code, which enhances SEO rankings in Google bots.

Switching to React Native is simple

As React Native is a React-based mobile app platform, it is easier for React developers to switch over to it. With React Native, they can create native-looking apps and accelerate development speed with resusable components.

Build modern  React apps

The Syncfusion React suite offers 80+ UI and data visualization web controls, like DataGrid, Charts, and Scheduler, that are responsive and lightweight for building modern  web apps.

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