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Blazing Fast Performance

Chart includes several data storage and rendering optimizations to achieve the best possible performance when plotting large volumes of data as well as handling high frequency real-time updates.

Load Time

100,000 data points can be rendered in less than a second.

Real-Time Updates

Chart can seamlessly handle quick updates while maintaining excellent refresh rates.

Smooth Zooming

Chart provides a smooth and responsive zooming experience on both touch and mouse-enabled interfaces.

Customizable Axis

Several specialized axis types are available for plotting the different value types like double, string, and date-time.

Multiple Axes

There is support for adding multiple axes.

Opposed Axis

Chart supports opposed axis being rendered in a side opposite to the default position.

Inversed Axis

There is support for inverting values in an axis.

Multiple Panes

Chart has support for adding multiple panes to a chart.

Axis Labels

Chart provides many customization options for the axis labels, including positioning, placement, label format, and rotation. It also has options for avoiding labels overlapping.

Smart Range Calculation

The best possible axis ranges and intervals are calculated automatically based on the given values. The ranges can also be further customized using range padding.

Series Customization

Custom Series

The series template can be customized.

Series Combinations

Series combinations can plot different chart types in the same plot area.

Grouping Series

Stacked series can be grouped to a single unit.

Error Bars

Error bars are used to plot possible errors or uncertainty in data points.

Vertical Charts

Axis direction can be mirrored for applications where it is required that the series be plotted vertically.

Empty Points

Empty point values are elegantly handled with several customization options.

Axis Scale Break

An axis scale break allows users to view different ranges in the same chart area without having a huge space in the plot area.

Data Labels

Data points can be easily annotated with labels to help improve the readability of data.

Pie and doughnut data labels are smartly arranged to avoid intersection when there are large amounts of data.


Legends provide additional information that is helpful in identifying individual series in a chart. They can be docked to the left, right, top, or bottom positions around the chart area.

Multiple legends can also be added to chart panes.

Interactive Features

The end user experience is greatly enhanced by a set of included user interaction features such as trackball, selection, zooming, and tooltip.


Crosshair is used to inspect or focus on an individual data point.

Data Editing

Chart lets users visually edit data points.

Zoom and Pan

Zooming and panning are useful when visualizing large amounts of data.


Tooltip displays a pop-up with additional information when the mouse is hovered over a data point.


Trackball is used to track a data point closer to the current mouse position or touch contact point.

Zooming Toolbar

The zooming toolbar contains buttons for performing actions like zoom in/out, reset, pan, etc.


End users can interactively select or highlight a series or data point.

There is also built-in support for performing multiple selections.


Annotations display metadata about a chart or series at a specific point of interest in the plotting area.


Images can be added as annotations.


All the basic annotation elements like lines, text, and arrows are available.

Editable Text

Text can be edited interactively.

Drag and Resize

Annotations can be resized and dragged across the plot area.

Strip Lines

Specific regions in the chart area can be customized using strip lines.

Technical Indicators

There is built-in support for RSI, momentum, Bollinger band, accumulation distribution, RSI, true average, stochastic, MACD, and triangular average indicators.


Chart has built-in support for rendering linear, exponential, logarithmic, power, and polynomial trendlines.

Grouping and Aggregation

Data points with similar categories can be grouped and aggregated using aggregate functions.


Chart provides more than 10 built-in palettes. Custom palettes can also be created as needed.

Visual Styles

There are several built-in skins available including Metro, Office themes, and Visual Studio.


Any static text in the Syncfusion chart can be localized to any desired language.

XML Serialization

Save series and data point properties to XML format and then load them back to restore state to a new chart control.

UI Automation

Chart is compatible with Coded UI and UFT (formerly QTP) automation tools.


Watermarks are commonly used for displaying confidential and copyright information.

Exporting and Printing

The chart can be printed and also be exported into image formats like JPEG, BMP, PNG, TIFF, and XPS.

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