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Essential Presentation is a .NET PowerPoint library that allows you to create, read, open, edit, and convert PowerPoint presentations in UWP applications.

General Information

Blazing Fast Performance

Optimized for use in a server environment where speed and low memory usage are critical.

No Server Deployment Fees

There are no distribution fees, per-server licensing fees, or royalties, making Essential Presentation very cost-effective.

Create, Edit, and Save PowerPoint Presentations

Essential Presentation gives you the ability to create PowerPoint presentations from scratch and save them to disk or stream with just a few lines of code. Existing presentations can also be opened and manipulated.

Powerful and Comprehensive API

All the elements in a typical PowerPoint presentation, like slides, text, images, tables, charts, and shapes, are accessible through a comprehensive set of APIs. It only takes a few lines of code to create or manipulate richly formatted PowerPoint presentations.

Wide Support for PowerPoint Elements

Essential Presentation provides support for the most common elements in a PowerPoint presentation such as slides, paragraphs, text, images, bullets and numbering, charts, SmartArt diagrams, shapes, tables, styles, formatting, and more.

Fully Documented

Essential Presentation comes with extensive documentation, a knowledge base, and samples.



Convert the PowerPoint slides to images.

Slide Layout

Create slides with nine predefined layouts. Custom slide layouts can also be designed by modifying the built-in layouts.

Show and Hide Slides

Change the visibility of particular slides in a PowerPoint presentation. Hidden slides will not be visible in slide shows.

Slide elements


Essential Presentation allows you to add, rearrange, duplicate, format, and delete shapes in a PowerPoint slide.

Rich Text and Formatting

Includes support to add, format, and delete text. Also provides support for all the formatting options supported by Microsoft PowerPoint, such as bold, italic, subscript, superscript, text color, highlight color, font, paragraph alignment, indentation, and more.


Create and edit more than 80 chart types with elements like chart title, legend, axis title, data labels, line styles, and more.


Create, modify, and format tables to keep data organized. Cell and row-level operations like adding rows or columns, inserting rows or columns, and deleting rows or columns are also supported. Built-in table styles are available that are equivalent to Microsoft PowerPoint table styles.


Insert, delete, replace, and format pictures in a PowerPoint slide.


Create, modify, and format 134 SmartArt diagrams to quickly and easily make a visual representation of data.

Bullets and Numbering

Add and manipulate single-level and multilevel lists, similar to Microsoft PowerPoint.

Copy and Paste

Copy Slides

A slide can be copied and pasted to the same or a different PowerPoint presentation.

Paste Options

Copied slides can be merged with source and destination formatting.

Slide Elements

Slide elements like text, shapes, charts, tables, images, and more can be copied and moved between PowerPoint presentations.



Sections help organize your slides into meaningful groups. Essential Presentation allows you to add, remove, and rename sections easily, and slides can be added, removed, and moved from one section to another.

Reorder Slides

Essential Presentation allows you to add, rearrange, duplicate, and delete slides in PowerPoint presentations.


Prevent Changes to Final Versions

PowerPoint presentations can be marked as final to prevent editing and make the file read-only. For further editing, you must disable the ‘Mark as final’ status.



Add, reply to, modify, and delete comments in a PowerPoint slide.

For more information about the supported features, please refer to our documentation page.


Get our entire suite of file-format manipulation components for

$995 per user

  • Includes libraries for reading and writing Excel, Word, PowerPoint, and PDF files.
  • NO server deployment fees.

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