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Maps is a powerful data visualization widget that can be used to articulate data as a map. It is frequently used in financial dashboards for plotting sales across geography.


Use the GeoJSON format shapes to render any geometric shape for powerful shape data visualization.

Interactive Zooming and Panning

Zoom and pan the map with the mouse for close-up analysis and easy navigation across its regions.


Visualize multiple layers in one view. Easily drill into each layer as desired.

Geo-Imagery Visuals

Built-in support for external geospatial imagery services, including Bing Maps and OpenStreetMap, to visualize satellite, aerial, street map, or other kinds of imagery tiles without any external shape inputs. Using this external service, locating map data is made easy.


Heat Map

Heat map provides values to fill colors within regions on a map to generate a simple, yet powerful visualization for any set of business data in a more comprehensive way.


Access built-in palettes with customizable options to fill various ranges of colors by default.

Customizable Layout

Maps comes with a highly customizable layout for designing various additional map elements such as bubbles, markers, legends, and labels to fit your application needs.



Design map element legends to showcase swatches of symbols with descriptions or a single rectangle with an interactive arrow to provide valuable information for interpreting the map with various colors, shapes, or other identifiers based on the data and application needs.

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