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The pivot grid control is an easily configurable, presentation-quality business control that reads both relational and OLAP data sources. It is displayed with drill-up and drill-down capabilities and features exceptional performance.

Effective Data Binding

There is extensive support to bind both OLAP and relational data sources.

  • OLAP Data Sources - Supports SSAS, Mondrian, Active Pivot, and Oracle.
  • Relational Data Sources - Supports IEnumerable List, DataTable, and JSON.

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Data Exploration

Pivot grid has built-in support to drill up and drill down to visualize the grid information in both abstract and detailed views.

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End users can easily slice and dice the Cube elements of their choice to visualize performance, trends, outliers, and more.

Slice and Dice

Slice and dice creates a new view for the end user by selecting limited dimensions and measures from the Cube and by filtering them.

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KPI are a collection of calculations associated with a measure group that evaluates business success.

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Dynamic Paging

Extensive support has been provided to load and render large amounts of data without any performance constraint either through pager or virtual scrolling.

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Named Sets

Named sets simplify MDX queries and provide useful aliases for complex, typically used, set expressions.

Calculated Members

You can now create and display dimensions and measures on your own. This can be done only through the report programmatically.

Grouping Bar

Grouping bar is automatically populated with fields from the bound data source. It later allows end users to drag fields, filter and sort them, and create pivot views at run time. This is applicable only for relational data sources.

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Pivot Table Field List

Pivot table field list (also known as pivot schema designer) is a powerful tool that allows you to create and manage pivot table with either multidimensional or relational data sources. End users can drag fields and filter them at run time as they wish.

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Data Shaping and Manipulation


Users can apply filtering for selective displays of records either by including or excluding values.


Users can order rows and columns based on labels.

Persisting Reports

Users can store the reports at current session as a stream in a database for later use.

Browser Compatibility

The pivot grid control is supported in all the major browsers in use today, including:

  • IE 8+
  • Firefox 2.0+
  • Chrome 1+
  • Opera 9+
  • Safari 3.0+


There is built-in integration with popular third-party frameworks, such as AngularJS.

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Conditional Formatting

Pivot grid allows users to define conditions that, when met, format value and summary cells’ font, color, and border settings.

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Defer Update

Users are allowed to refresh the control only on demand and not during every UI interaction.

Calculated Field

You can now insert a new calculated field based on the existing calculated items either through UI dialog (at run time) or code behind.

Interactive Features

Pivot grid retrieves information about a particular cell on a hyperlink cell click. It later allows you to perform custom operations programmatically.

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Cell Context

Pivot grid allows you to perform custom operations programmatically, on right-clicking a cell. For example, creating and invoking a content menu or dialog on right-click.

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There is extensive support to select a range of value cells.

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Tooltip provides basic information about a cell while hovering over it.

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Editing and Updating

Users can edit the values at run time and save their changes to the underlying data source, thereby reflecting its update in the total cells.

Freeze Headers

Users can freeze row and column headers while performing a scroll operation in order to have a precise view of the content.

Column Resizing

You can easily resize each column’s width through a simple drag operation at run time.

Hiding Totals

You can now hide subtotals, grand totals, or both at column and row position.


You can export pivot grid to Excel, Word, and PDF documents. These documents can be saved from the browser to the local disk drive for later use.

Rich Look and Feel

Built-in Themes

Pivot grid ships with a set of 13 stunning, built-in themes.

Custom Styling

Pivot grid provides the ability to customize the appearance of the control to any extent programmatically.

Theme Studio

Easily customize all aspects of the appearance using the Theme Studio utility.

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