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Tree Grid

The tree grid control can be used to effectively visualize self-referential hierarchical data. It has support for all the common grid functionality like sorting, filtering, and editing.


Instant Loading

Instantly load large numbers of records.

Smooth Scrolling

Perform scrolling and other actions without any lag even when dealing with large numbers of records.

Data Handling and Manipulation


Columns can be sorted based on a single field/column or on multiple fields/columns.

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Data can be dynamically filtered across single or multiple columns using the filter bar, menu, or Excel filter options.

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The content can be edited inline.

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Summary Row

Summary information can be displayed for an entire column at the end of each hierarchy level or for the entire tree grid, supporting operations such as sum, average, maximum, minimum, count, true count, false count, minimum date, and maximum date.

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Row and Column Customizations

Custom Columns

Columns can be customized using column templates.

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Custom Rows

Rows can be customized using custom templates.

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Custom Column Headers

Column headers can be customized using custom templates.

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Details View

A detailed view of a row can be displayed either inline or in a pop-up.

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Text Wrap

Cell content can be wrapped to multiple lines if its width exceeds the cell boundary. View Demo…


Content can be printed using toolbar print icon. View Demo…


Toolbar contains options for editing or deleting a selected row. It also contains options for adding a new row and expanding or collapsing all parent rows.

Stacked Header

Stacked headers allow you to display header-type information above the tree grid columns. There is no limit to the number of stacked headers. The data columns can still be sorted and filtered.

Interactive Features

Freeze Columns

Freeze columns when loading or interactively using the column menu.

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Context Menu

The context menu can be used to edit or delete a selected row or add a new row. Custom menu items can also be displayed in the context menu.

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Column Chooser

Column chooser allows the end user to show or hide columns, freeze or unfreeze columns at runtime.

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Column Resizing

Dynamically resize columns.

Row Drag-and-Drop

Rows can be reordered interactively using drag-and-drop.

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Column Reorder

Columns can be reordered interactively.

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Different types of selections are possible.

Cell Selection

You can select a single cell or multiple cells in tree grid.

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Row Selection

Select rows in tree grid.

Check Box Selection

Rows can be selected using check boxes.

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Content can be localized to any specific culture.


Content can be exported to PDF and Excel formats.

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