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Kanban Board

The ASP.NET core kanban control is a visual board used to manage the flow of work, giving teams more flexible planning options, clear focus, and transparency throughout the development cycle. You can easily monitor the workflow of your project and know what your team is doing.

Data Binding

Data binding in kanban is adaptable to various data sources such as local JSON data, any remote services, and any other applicable data sources that best suit the project needs.

Adaptive Rendering

Kanban will adaptively render itself with optimal user interfaces for phone, tablet, or desktop form-factors. This will help your application scale elegantly across all form-factors without any additional effort. It allows the kanban to adapt to the screen size. The swim lane group, filtering, and searching also change in mobile view.

Drag and Drop

The kanban supports dragging cards from one column to another using a mouse or a touch device. Also, it has an enhanced drop position indicator, which enables the easier positioning of cards.

Swim Lanes

Swim lanes are a horizontal categorization that allows you to categorize your current workflow by different projects, teams, users, or whatever a user needs.



The card is an interactive visual element for task details that can be customized to give more visual information as required, like type, priority, etc. The database fields and values can be mapped to the card visual elements, such as:

  • Colors
  • Images
  • Tags
  • Title


Templates can be used to create custom cards, including text, images, or styles customization, with well-defined template support.


Kanban supports tooltip to pop out with card information on hovering the mouse over a particular card. It also allows the customization of tooltip content with a well-defined template support.


Editing can be enabled and customized with simple property settings. There are two editing options available: dialog editing and external editing. Dialog edit and external edit modes enable users to add, edit, and delete cards.

Filtering and Searching

Filtering allows you to further narrow down and focus on issues that fit specific criteria, such as bugs or users, and gives you a quick view of specific items. You can toggle the filters by clicking on them. Searching provides a built-in search text box to search for a given string within the kanban’s contents.


Column Constraints

Column constraints enable a visual indication when a maximum or minimum number of cards appearing in a column is violated. You can specify constraints for one or more columns and you can also set violation based on a swim lane or column.

Header Template

Templating lets you add additional information to the column’s header.

Toggle Column

Toggling a column allows you to narrow a specific column’s width and increases the surfaces of remaining columns, which allows the user to see the columns they want to see.

Show/Hide Column

Columns can be shown or hidden using public APIs.


Scrolling makes kanban more compatible for scenarios in which huge data needs to be bound. It supports both horizontal and vertical scrolling. You can also freeze a swim lane row while scrolling to highlight the current swim lane.

Stacked Headers

Stacked headers enable you to categorize and group the column headers in a separate row above the column header row of kanban. It supports N number of stacked header rows.

User Interactions


Select cards using a mouse, keyboard, or touch interfaces. Multiple selection is also possible by pressing the Ctrl key and then making your selection.


All common actions can be performed through keyboard input.

Context Menu

A rich set of built-in context menu options are provided to enhanced the user interaction of the kanban. Context menu items can also be customized as required.


The kanban can be easily adapted to any specific language and culture. It also has support to render in the Right-To-Left (RTL) direction.


Kanban can be printed very easily by using the print feature. The print icon is available in the kanban toolbar: simply click the print icon to print the kanban.

Rich Look and Feel

Built-in Themes

Kanban ships with a set of 13 stunning, built-in themes.

Custom Styling

Kanban provides the ability to completely customize the appearance of the control programmatically.

Theme Studio

Easily customize all aspects of appearance using the Theme Studio utility.


The workflow feature is a set of transitions that a card moves through during its process cycle. Users can define their own flow of transition between the column statuses. If a card is dragged, possible Drop Column cells are highlighted in the dotted line border based on the workflow specified.

Multiple Key Binding Support for Columns

The kanban control supports multiple key binding for individual columns, which supports the transition of card statuses by dragging and dropping from one column to another. If the target column is associated with more than one status, when the issue is hovered over that column, each status will appear as a separate section with a dashed outline, and you can drop the issue in the appropriate status.

Restrictions on Drag and Drop

The kanban control provides support to restrict dragging and dropping for individual columns. If a card is dragged, only possible drop column cells are highlighted in the dotted line border.

Drag And Drop Support across Swim Lanes

The kanban control supports dragging and dropping a card from one swim lane to another. If a card is to be dragged within the same swim lane, only a droppable target cell is added to the dotted line border. If a card is dragged from one swim lane to another, all the kanban cells except the dragged card cell will be added to the dotted line borders.

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