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Spell Checker

The spell checker control helps find and highlight misspelled words. It displays suggestions through a dialog or context menu for correcting spelling mistakes.

Custom Dictionary

The custom dictionary file is used to store and maintain custom words like technical terms, brand names, and more.

Ignore Settings

Spell check settings can be customized to ignore uppercase words, mixed case words, alphanumeric words, file paths, and email addresses when checking for errors.

Customize Menu Items

The default context menu items can be customized with user defined menu items to correct word misspelings.

Misspelled Word Style

Users can highlight misspelled words with different background colors or different font colors to differentiate incorrect words from correct words.

Maximum Suggestion Count

Limit the number of suggestions to be displayed for a misspelled word in context mode or dialog mode.

Multiple Targets

Multiple target support allows the spell check control to target various HTML elements such as div, span, textarea, and input elements.


The spell checker component adjusts its layout based on the browser size when the responsive feature is enabled.

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