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How to digitally sign an existing PDF document?


Digital signatures address these security requirements by providing greater assurances of document integrity, authenticity, and non-repudiation. We can digitally sign an existing PDF document using PdfSignature, PdfCertificate classes.


PdfPageBase page = doc.Pages[0];

// Map path of the certificate store.

PdfCertificate pdfCert;



pdfCert = new PdfCertificate("UserName","Password");


catch(Exception ex)


debug("Error : please make sure you entered a valid certificate file and password");

debug("Exception : " + ex.ToString());



debug("Creating new MetaData ... ");

//Set signature display properties

PdfSignature signature = new PdfSignature(doc, page, pdfCert, "Signature");

PdfBitmap bmp = new PdfBitmap(@"..\..\Data\PDFDemo.jpg");

signature.Bounds = new RectangleF(new PointF(5, 5), bmp.PhysicalDimension);

signature.ContactInfo = Contacttext.Text;

signature.LocationInfo = Locationtext.Text;

signature.Reason = Reasontext.Text;

string validto = "Valid To: " + signature.Certificate.ValidTo.ToString();

string validfrom = "Valid From: " + signature.Certificate.ValidFrom.ToString();



Dim page As PdfPageBase = doc.Pages(0)

''Map path of the certificate store.

Dim pdfCert As PdfCertificate


pdfCert = New PdfCertificate("UserName","Password")

Catch ex As Exception

debug("Error : please make sure you entered a valid certificate file and password")

debug("Exception : " & ex.ToString())


End Try

debug("Creating new MetaData ... ")

''Set signature display properties

Dim signature As PdfSignature = New PdfSignature(doc, page, pdfCert, "Signature")

Dim bmp As PdfBitmap = New PdfBitmap("..\..\Data\PDFDemo.jpg")

signature.Bounds = New RectangleF(New PointF(5, 5), bmp.PhysicalDimension)

signature.ContactInfo = Contacttext.Text

signature.LocationInfo = Locationtext.Text

signature.Reason = Reasontext.Text

Dim validto As String = "Valid To: " & signature.Certificate.ValidTo.ToString()

Dim validfrom As String = "Valid From: " & signature.Certificate.ValidFrom.ToString()


Please look into the sample from the below specified location.


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Navneet Saraswat Nov 27, 2017


the sample download link Signature_753104ff.zip is not working, can you please check?


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