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Migrate Data from Azure Server To Local Server for Report Server

Migration of data from Azure to local server in the Report Server

Follow the given steps to migrate data from Azure to local Server in the Report Server.

  1. Stop Azure app service.
  2. Log on to the Azure portal: https://portal.azure.com.
  3. Select App Services.
  4. Choose the existing Syncfusion Report Server site, and then click the Get publish profile.


  1. Save the “<App service name>.PublishSettings” file and open it.
  2. The file contains two <publishProfile> sections for Web Deploy and FTP.
  3. From the FTP <publishProfile> section, copy the following values:
  • Publish URL
  • User name
  • User password



  1. Use these credentials in FTP client FileZilla, simply plug these values into the host, username, and password fields as follows, and click Quickconnect.



  1. Download the “App_data” folder from “/site/wwwroot” from an Azure application.
  2. Move the downloaded App_Data folder to the following location of the local server.

                 C:\Syncfusion\Report Server\ReportServer.Web              



  1. Now, the resources are migrated from Azure to the local server.
  2. To change the database server, update the connection string that you are maintaining. To update the connection string, follow the given steps:


  1. Download the zip file from the following location.


  1. Extract the zip file and run the following exe file 'DecryptUtility.exe' from the extracted one.
  2. Run the 'DecryptUtility.exe' utility and provide your new connection string. Now, you can get the encrypted connection string.http://www.syncfusion.com/downloads/support/directtrac/190198/1891795537_a17b10db.PNG 
  3. Then, you should update the encrypted connection string in the following file.

C:\Syncfusion\Report Server\ReportServer.Web\App_Data\Configuration\Config.xml



Migrate the Report Server Azure app service to the Virtual Machine (VM)

Follow the given steps to migrate the Report Server Azure app service to the VM:

  1. Migrate the database.
  2. Migrate datafiles from the blob storage by following the given steps:
  1. Import all resources from the blob storage into VM machine.
  2. Extract the compressed reports and widgets.

Database migration

Please follow the below steps to Migrate SQL Server into SQL CE for Report Server

  1. Use the following tool to migrate the SQL Server to SQL CE.


  1. Download the following tool and run.


  1. Choose ‘Export SQL Server to SQL Server Compact 4.0’ as below to export the SQL Server database to SQL Server Compact 4.0.



  1. Provide the SQL Server credentials in the pop-up and press OK.



  1. The following pop-up will open. You can select all tables, and then click OK.




  1. Select the preferred file location and ‘ReportServer.sdf’ as file name, and then click save. The SQL Server converted into SQL CE.


  1. Copy the embedded database file to the following location of the Report Server that is installed in VM.

C:\Syncfusion\Report Server\ReportServer.Web\App_Data


Data files migration from the blob storage

Import all resources from the blob storage into the VM machine.

Follow the given steps to import all resources from the blob storage into VM machine.

  1. Use AzCopy tool to download all the resources from the Azure blob to VM machine.

Download the AzCopy from the following link and install in your VM machine.


  1. Follow the below document to download a folder from the Azure blob.



The following command is used to download a folder from the Azure blob.

AzCopy /Source:"https://bloburl/containername/Syncfusion/Report Server/Resources" /Dest:"C:\Syncfusion\Report Server\ReportServer.Web\App_Data\Resources" /SourceKey:blobkeyhere /S


After command is finished, all resources from the blob storage are copied to VM machine.


Extract the compressed Report and Widget files

Follow the given steps to extract the compressed report and widget files:

  1. Download extractor.exe from the following link and run that exe file.


  1. Provide the location as C:\Syncfusion\Report Server\ReportServer.Web\App_Data\Resources (This is the location where your blob files are migrated).



  1. Now, the downloaded compressed files are extracted in their respective locations.







Create an empty password protected .SDF file


Use the SQL Server Compact Toolbox for Runtime 4.0 which is already downloaded from the given link. https://github.com/ErikEJ/SqlCeToolbox/releases/download/

Open the SQL Server Compact Toolbox and right-click No SQL Compact Data Connections Found, and then select Add SQL Server Compact 4.0 Connection…




  1. Enter the password as “reportserver”.


  1. After entering the password, click Create and give the name as ReportServer, and then save in the desired location.


  1. Finally, click close at the bottom of the window.




Create Report Server schema


  1. Right-click the data connection node and select “Add SQL Server Compact 4.0 Connection..”.




  1. Browse the already migrated SQLCE database file from the following location.

“C:\Syncfusion\Report Server\ReportServer.web\App_Data\ReportServer.sdf”


  1. Right-click the migrated .SDF file, and select the Script Database Schema and Data.



  1. Now, save the filename for the script. The default extension is .sqlce.



  1. Now, ‘Select Tables to Script’ window will open as follows. Click OK.





Move the exported data into your new password protected SDF


  1. Right-click on your new password protected SQLCE DB that has been created at the left side of the toolbox and select Open SQL Editor.



  1. Select Open and navigate to the location of the created .SQLCE file.




3. Now, you can see the text commands opened in the main window as follows. Click Execute, and wait for this operation to complete. After completed, the Report Server tables will be created under the password protected DB.



  1. Copy the password protected SQLCE DB and replace that in the following location.

“C:\Syncfusion\Report Server\ReportServer.web\App_Data\ReportServer.sdf”



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