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How to remove an item from the context menu in tabbedMDI?


A CustomTabbedMDIManager should be derived from TabbedMDIManager in that ContextMenuBeforePopup event should be overidden to remove the item.


public class CustomTabbedMDIManager : TabbedMDIManager


public CustomTabbedMDIManager() : base() {}

protected override void ContextMenu_BeforePopup(object sender, CancelEventArgs e)


ParentBarItem popupMenuParentBarItem = sender as ParentBarItem;

foreach(BarItem bitem in popupMenuParentBarItem.Items)


if (bitem.Text == "New Hori&zontal Tab Group")


// To remove the item





base.ContextMenu_BeforePopup(sender, e);




Public Class CustomTabbedMDIManager : Inherits TabbedMDIManager

Public Sub New()


End Sub

Protected Overrides Sub ContextMenu_BeforePopup(ByVal sender As Object, ByVal e As CancelEventArgs)

Dim popupMenuParentBarItem As ParentBarItem = CType(IIf(TypeOf sender Is ParentBarItem, sender, Nothing), ParentBarItem)

For Each bitem As BarItem In popupMenuParentBarItem.Items

If bitem.Text = "New Hori&zontal Tab Group" Then

' To remove the item


Exit For

End If

Next bitem

MyBase.ContextMenu_BeforePopup(sender, e)

End Sub

End Class



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1303 04/30/2011 07/10/2014 Windows Forms TabbedMDIManager
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