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Sir, this is a general request to consider changing how you create your documentation for your products.

I am requesting that you permit approved users to make edits to your documentation, much like Wikipedia allows user edits. 

While you are to be commended on your documentation, there are continual challenges and hurdles for your users to overcome. 

a) Without intending offence, the English in your documentation is terrible. It is plainly written by people without a strong grasp of English, and as such the wording requires several reads to try and understand what the author is intending to communicate. Many sentences are not understandable, are contradictory, convey the wrong information, and take time to grasp. When I finally understand it, if I could just click on an edit button and fix and, and other users do the same, then your documentation would improve greatly

b) Typescript and Angular change very quickly and your documentation is constantly falling behind. There are many examples where your example code does not work on Angular 8. If I, and other users could just click a button and add a user comment section to your code then we could note where the code needs to be changed - a bit like stack-overflow

c) Your examples don't cover all scenarios. This results in users raising incidents, and questions in the forum. But the incidents and forum questions never link back to the primary documentation. So a body of knowledge exists in your interactions with users, but this is very hard to search through. I propose that in your documentation you allow registered users to add examples in a user comment area. This way as I learn to do things with your code and solve issues, it can be published by me and other users into your documentation so others can see it. Just like in your documentation you have a "How To' section, you could create a new section called  "User Examples" where registered uses can create a new example and paste it. 

The benefits of a user based documentation system are enormous. I understand Microsoft is allowing certain trusted users to update their primary documentation.  Perhaps you could reward users for editing documentation by given those contributing users a higher priority for their incidents in your Incident Management system. There are so many examples in using your code that have taken me a long time to work out, It would be of great benefit to others if I could publish them into your documentation base.