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I've got the following issue when trying to use the rich text editor control within a modal dialog. I've attached a basic sample of the issue.

Expected behaviour:
Click open button and a modal will appear with a rich text editor control inside.

Modal opens with rich text editor control inside but the toolbar is not reacting to the modal size and the text area is not selectable.

Findings while troubleshooting:
Closer inspection revealed that toolbar wrapper (class="e-toolbar-wrapper") and the content wrapper (class=e-rte-content) are both initialised with a height of 0px.
If the window size is changed (either the main window or changing the view size via the developer console), the height of these two items is corrected, the toolbar displays correctly and the text area is able to be selected.

Clearly this is possible since this feedback form is using the same controls. Any fix, workaround or guidance would be appreciated.