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I have  been working with "Diagram" Control from very long time, but for handling the tooltip on it is little difficult. The issue now I am facing is

scenario 1:
If I use syncfusion css link  tag 
<link href=""
  rel = "stylesheet">
in my project and use complex hierarchical tree under Diagram control and try see the tooltip
everything works fine. The animation works properly,CSS and everything works good.
but when css get loaded in project then it effects other CSS of my project,
like sometime Font size changes, Navigation tag CSS changes etc.  

scenario 2:

If I  dont use <link href=""
  rel = "stylesheet">
following CSS link tag then it is very difficult to work around the tooltip of complex 

So my concern is, there any way that i don't want to use your CSS link tag and make my tooltip more animated OR if use your CSS link tag it wont effect my other CSS in project.

This is my demo link, which i have already been sharing with you, If you can help me in this demo project.

Or Can i get any contact person number so that i can have  little meeting arrange and solve out this problem.

This the key feature we need, otherwise we cant go ahead with product.