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on UWP:

When you bind/set ObservableCollection> to the combobox.datasource, or similar, and you pick item in combobox by clicking on it, whole xamarin application crash.

How to reproduce code in attachment

Xamarin 4.x


Yes:, it is ObservableCollection<>

Yes: same model works on SfGrid and SfList.

To be sure: It is a feature, that ObservableCollection (where "object" is any kind of class, especially keypair or dictionary) cannot be used only in SfComboBox at all?

Added seccond example, based on sfcombobox documentation and datasource is assigned to combobox like this:

ComboViewModel combodata = new ComboViewModel();

comboBox.BindingContext = combodata;

comboBox.DataSource =


comboBox.DisplayMemberPath = "Values[ColA]";

comboBox.SelectedValuePath = "Values[ColA]"; //this definition is causes troubles;

no matter if it is implemented with


or not

If any more information is required, just ask that would help you. Thank you