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I have the following code for the user to be able to check/uncheck all child nodes when a node is checked through the NodeClick event:

Private Sub tvRsk_NodeMouseClick(sender As Object, e As TreeViewAdvMouseClickEventArgs) Handles tvRsk.NodeMouseClick 

       SelNodesPropagation(e.Node.Nodes, Not e.Node.Checked) 

 End Sub 

 Private Sub SelNodesPropagation(ByVal nd As TreeNodeAdvCollection, bCheck As Boolean)

        Dim nodX As TreeNodeAdv 

        If (nd Is Nothing) Then Exit Sub 

       For Each nodX In nd 

             nodX.Checked = bCheck 

            SelNodesPropagation(nodX.Nodes, bCheck) 


 End Sub 

When a node is clicked, sometimes it works well, sometimes it does not.

Please see what happens in 

Could you please help?