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Hello, I check out your demo (https://github.com/syncfusion/ej2-blazor-samples/) to test if your components can match my need for my projects (and if is the case i will buy your products)

I meet a problem with globalization support.
I follow the steps described herehttps://ej2.syncfusion.com/blazor/documentation/common/globalization/and herehttps://ej2.syncfusion.com/blazor/documentation/common/localization/.

I apply this to your sample project, i want globalize all the app so i put my code in the MainLayout on the OnAfterRender method.

When I put these line of code

if (!firstRender)
            .LoadCldrData(new string[] { "wwwroot/cldr-data/supplemental/numberingSystems.json", "wwwroot/cldr-data/main/fr/numbers.json", "wwwroot/cldr-data/main/fr/timeZoneNames.json", "wwwroot/cldr-data/main/fr/ca-gregorian.json" })

I have a crash in js on the first page

Error: There was an error applying batch 13.
e.log @ blazor.server.js:15

followed by
Uncaught (in promise) TypeError: Cannot read property 'ownerDocument' of null
    at e.updateComponent (blazor.server.js:8)
    at Object.t.renderBatch (blazor.server.js:1)
    at e. (blazor.server.js:15)
    at blazor.server.js:15
    at Object.next (blazor.server.js:15)
    at blazor.server.js:15
    at new Promise ()
    at r (blazor.server.js:15)
    at e.processBatch (blazor.server.js:15)
    at e. (blazor.server.js:8)

All the translation files asked exist in the wwwroot folder as described in your docs

this make the app unusable (nothing respond).

can you check that ?

thanks !