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Hi Team,

We are evaluating Syncfusion for a project and have found an issue on Maps.

The requirement

We need to denote user profiles as markers on map. Each profile will have latitude and longitude associated with it. Profiles which do not have specific geo-coordinates, will have country coordinate.

The problem

A lot of profiles can have same country coordinate. For example:

{ "first_name": "Gwen", "middle_name": "", "last_name": "Paltrow", "country": "India", "latitude": 20.5937, "longitude": 78.9629 }, { "first_name": "Navin", "middle_name": "", "last_name": "Vijaykumar", "country": "India", "latitude": 20.5937, "longitude": 78.9629 }

Since both have same lat and long, the markers overlap. Since they overlap, the tooltip only opens for the last profile.


How it should be

Markers having same coordinates should be placed at equidistant places on the map. Following is an implementation done using ngx-leaflet using the same data.


The issue has also been raised here: