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There is something wrong with the scheduler if you use it with resources.

This happens only when it's in responsive mode (ex. tablet / mobile). 

The problem is , when you have for example 3 resources (A, B, C) and the event is in B colum.

When you drag it to the first column  (A) it automaticly jumps back to the last known column.

This only happens when you put the event on the first column (A).


  1. We have turned off ShowHeader - we use or own header
  2. We turned off CompactView, we want to see on daily basis all the resources.

Steps :

-  Use for example Google Chrome

- Use Dev tools, choose responsive layout (ipad / iphone x..)

- Refresh the page

- Put an event on the second or 3 th column.

- Drag then the event to the first column , it jumps back.

(Also in the DragStop event, the resource details are the info from the last location)

See  attachment example.

Any idea's howto solve this ?