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What are the limitations for custom formats for the markdown editor?
Is it possible to set custom format for things like font-size or background colour for font?
Can you custom format every style command?

Font-size: <FNT:8>TEXT<FNT> equals <span style="font-size: 8pt;">TEXT</span>

Font background colour: <HL>TEXT<HL> equals <span style="background-color: #00ff00;">TEXT</span>

Is there a more in-depth documentation for custom format that contains limitations and advanced functions? The one online only covers simple format such as bold or italic.

The triggering of the custom format isn't very stable either. In your custom format demo when you click bold to remove it from the selection that it's added again on top of it.
Steps to reproduce this:
  1. Select a word
  2. Press bold to add the style
  3. De-select the word
  4. Select the same word
  5. Press bold to remove the
The bug sometimes occur even without the de-selection. To reproduce this skip step 3 and 4, however this is not consistent.