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sfDataGrid Row display incorrect/old content when MappingName is pointing to a Dictionary key. I am able to reproduce this bug by modifying the Syncfusion sample DataGrid project downloaded here:

Please see the sample project I uploaded here to reproduce the bug. I simply add these attributes to the DataGridPage.xaml SfDataGrid block:




In the DataGridPage.xaml.cs file added this new column with Mapping Name pointed to the Dictionary key.

GridTextColumn fdOrderIdColumn = new GridTextColumn(); 

fdOrderIdColumn.MappingName = "Fields[OrderID]"; 

fdOrderIdColumn.HeaderText = "Fields[Order ID]";


Run the app, compare the "Fields[Order ID]" and "Order ID" columns value by scrolling the grid all the way to the bottom. See Screenshot. You can see the "Fields[Order ID]" rows are displaying wrong value. it looks like it is displaying recycled/old row's content instead of the new row data.

Note: This code used to work in older version of SyncFusion sfDataGrid without this row display issue.