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I was trying to add a Gantt chart to my project. But I hit the following error :

ERROR TypeError: Cannot read property 'updateGanttColumns' of undefined
    at Object.updateToGanttColumns (test-test-module.js:32695)
    at Object._renderGridHeaderInternalDesign (test-test-module.js:32695)
    at Object._renderGridHeader (test-test-module.js:32695)
    at Object._renderAfterColumnInitialize (test-test-module.js:32695)
    at Object._checkDataBinding (test-test-module.js:32695)
    at Object._initDatasource (test-test-module.js:32695)
    at Object._init (test-test-module.js:32695)
    at new  (test-test-module.js:30775)
    at r.fn.init.n.fn. [as ejTreeGrid] (test-test-module.js:30775)
    at Object._renderTreeGrid (test-test-module.js:31591)

I've added all the libraries and files to the project and I think this is a bug What's the problem?