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We are using the Pivot control to summarize larger datasets on screen and add the ability to drill-down / through the data. For this it works great. However, I would love to see the ability to create the classic (old-school) pivot table view from Excel. In the current versions of Excel this can be set by going to Design -> Report Layout -> Show in Tabular Form. 

This allows all dimensions to be shown as separate columns in the pivot table next to each other, instead of stacking them vertically. This is what I would like to see:

(1) are all the dimensions, and in (2) we see the value columns.

However, the normal pivot view in Excel (and in your product) creates such an overview:
Again, (1) are all the dimensions, and in (2) we see the value columns.

As you can see the second version is much messier if you have a lot of dimensions which is something we need.

I have looked through the documentation and the forums, however, can't find any information that this already exists. Can you point me in the right direction? Or perhaps if it isn't available (yet), you might include is somewhere in the (near) future.

Thank you in advance!