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this.editSettings = {
allowTaskbarEditing: true,
allowAdding: true,
allowEditing: true,
allowDeleting: true,
showDeleteConfirmDialog: true,
newRowPosition: 'Below', // THIS and 'Child' leads to the bug

ERROR ReferenceError: "can't access lexical declaration `recordIndex' before initialization" backUpAndPushNewlyAddedRecord ej2-gantt.es2015.js:15583 updateNewlyAddedDataBeforeAjax ej2-gantt.es2015.js:15418 addRecord ej2-gantt.es2015.js:15783 initiateDialogSave ej2-gantt.es2015.js:14122 buttonClick ej2-gantt.es2015.js:13196 Angular 7