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Hi All,

Peter Shaw one of Syncfusions external Content Authors here.

Please note the VERSION for this report is actually : but you don't have that on the list yet.

I'm currently writing a set of Blazor orientated Blog posts for SF, and in them I'm using some of the Blazor Controls.

For part of what I'm doing I want to customize one of the columns in a data grid, but every time I try, I end up with a crash in the console and nothing in the column.

The crash I'm seeing is a null reference exception, but it doesn't matter what I do to customize the column i get this.

The only thing that works at present is a straight forward grid.

The working code is:


This causes me no problems.

As soon as I change that, for example


And then run, I get this in the console every time.


And nothing in my column


I can change the custom column template to be anything I want, I've tried the examples from the docs, I've even just put an empty <Template> tag in with no content, and every time the same exception is seen in the console.