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There's an issue with the  dragging of panels. I have narrowed the issue down to when a panel is over a given height, it wont drag correctly in a dashboardlayout that has three rows or more.The issue is reproducible in your demos and by doing the following:

1. Create a dashboardlayout with only 2 columns

2. Set the property (as in your demos) for the cellAspectRatio: 100 / 85. llowDragging and allowResizing should default to true

3. Ensure you have at least three rows of two by two panels (the third row can be 1 panel that spans the entire row)

4. Try and drag the panel in the third row to replace a panel/the panels in the second row. You'll find that on a "startdrag event" the panel will "jump down" from the cursor and make it difficult to move. The only fix is to have a cellAspectRatio: 100 / 20 (or smaller), but it makes the panels too small to host large content.