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DataManager.executeLocal is passing bad values to the UrlAdaptor which is breaking all of our grids.  See screen below of the stack trace, the values look good in the manager, but the way the adaptor processes the parameters is completely different.  We updated to latest version of packages to fix other outstanding issues we had and now this has happened breaking even more critical piece of our application.


Uncaught TypeError: Cannot read property 'pvtData' of undefined
    at UrlAdaptor.processResponse (adaptors.js?0f5f:519)
    at DataManager.executeLocal (manager.js?1d2b:132)
    at eval (manager.js?1d2b:171)
    at queue.<computed> (task.js?2cf4:51)
    at run (task.js?2cf4:24)
    at MessagePort.listener (task.js?2cf4:35)
UrlAdaptor.processResponse @ adaptors.js?0f5f:519
DataManager.executeLocal @ manager.js?1d2b:132
(anonymous) @ manager.js?1d2b:171
queue.<computed> @ task.js?2cf4:51
run @ task.js?2cf4:24
listener @ task.js?2cf4:35