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Every control that I have tried to use in a real-world use case does not work for some reason or another. I believe it would be helpful for the developers to actually try to use the controls with a sample application that is not some simple web page. 

As of now, I have to either pause my project until the controls mature in beta, or switch back to Core 2  framework. Note, I also tried to just use the JavaScript EJ2 and put my own Blazor wrappers on, but the SyncFusion JavaScript EJ2 nuget packages don't work with Core 3 beta yet. 

For example, create a razor page with the following:

  1. Splitter control with 3 vertical panels (from demo code)
  2. In splitter panel 1
    1. A tab control with 3 tabs (from demo code)
    2. In tab 1
      1. A toolbar at top (from demo code)
      2. A tree control (from demo code)
        1. A context menu on the tree control nodes
        2. Drag source on each tree node
  3. In splitter panel 2
    1. A toolbar at top
    2. A grid acting as a drag target (from demo code)
  4. Actions
    1. Click toolbar and capture which toolbar button was clicked and which toolbar
    2. Select a tree node, then use context menu, then capture which tree node was selected and which context menu item was clicked
    3. Drag a tree node from the tree and drop on the grid to produce a new row in the grid.
    4. Activate/deactivate toolbar and context menu buttons/items if a tree node is not selected