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This is an observation that mostly affect all of the documentation, demos and how they perform when trying to following instructions and using them for testing.

I've yet to find anything that works as advertised in the demos through the Getting Started and reading through the Documentation.

Package references are out of date between demos and docs making it really hard to understand how to move forward. Most of the content is unavailable for testing as an example gettings icons to work has now resulted in a couple of hours of wasted time trying to figure out why the referenced code works but not when I do an exact copy paste of said code. Resources are either missing or very misleading. Even the demos being run in Stackblitz aren't working properly when you try and run them.

Running create-react-app to set up a testing environment for the project starts off with telling me the components being installed via Syncfusion packages are out of date and peer dependencies are out of date. Is this docs being revised for updated to packages you reference?

The documentation overall keeps referencing packages that either don't work properly, have incorrect export names affiliated with them or are simply outdated when you try looking through them to figure out how to call certain components.

Naming is inconsistent and very confusing in general with most of these components.

The components themselves look pretty and shiny and gives a promise of working out of the box and providing an easy development experience but that so far from truth it's now making me question our decision to choose Syncfusion as a supplier.