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I have a Xamarin Forms application developed using Visual Studio 2017 (build 15.9.9) which is using some Syncfusion controls.  I have a view with a couple of SfCheckBoxes - one directly on the page and one created as part of a ListView ItemTemplate.

Selecting something on this view allows the user to launch a new view containing Syncfusion PDF viewer controls.

Randomly but regularly the app crashes out when in the PDF view with this message in output:

03-20 09:25:00.999 E/mono-rt (30381): [ERROR] FATAL UNHANDLED EXCEPTION: System.ObjectDisposedException: Cannot access a disposed object.
03-20 09:25:00.999 E/mono-rt (30381): Object name: 'Syncfusion.Android.Buttons.SfCheckBox'.

This seems very odd since why would the OS have disposed of the checkboxes while the page is still present in the navigation stack?  The contents of the list view are unchanging for the life time of this view.

The app is using Xamarin Forms (latest stable) and Syncfusion.Xamarin.Buttons (latest stable).