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I have a Xamarin.Forms page that let's the user change the bound item for all of the controls on the page. I have noticed that the SfAutoComplete's and SfComboBox's always show the original bound item's display text. It does appear that the control calls the getter for the SelectedValue property but it does not refresh the display text of the control.

Example -- With the given control:

<sfComboBox:SfComboBox SelectedValue="{Binding SelectedInventory.Parent, Mode=TwoWay}" DataSource="{Binding Parents}" DisplayMemberPath="Display" SelectedValuePath="Value" ShowSuggestionsOnFocus="False" NoResultsFoundText="No Results Found" MaximumSuggestion="5" IsEditableMode="True" />

The first time the control's bindings are set, it works great. Once I change the 'SelectedInventory' object to a different object, and let's say that different object's 'Parent' property has a different value, the original 'SelectedInventory.Parent' display value is shown.