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I'm trying to prevent connectors from attaching to nodes themselves, and instead only allow connectors to attach to ports.

I have spotted two unexpected things happening when I do this:

  1. The connector will appear at position (0,0) if you don't specify a source or target position. We could specify the positions, however, if you DO allow connections in/out of the node, then the diagram control correctly works out the source and target positions of the connector. So it's a little inconsistent.
  2. If using the Draw constraint on the ports, connectors will snap to the nearest side of node, not always on a port. And if it does snap to a port, it won't attach the new connector to the port, unless you actually hover over the port. This is very misleading as it looks like it has been attached to the port.
There is a sample attached which attempts to highlight these problems.

Let me know if you need more information.