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When using FilterType.Menu, neither setting filter.Mode(FilterBarMode.OnEnter) or filter.ImmediateModeDelay(10000) do anything.  I can't find anything on this in the documentation or help, but was able to find an article for this in EJ :


This sort of work around is going to be a real pain to implement for each place that we are using the Grids, I'd like to request that you add support for FilterBarMode.OnEnter for the grids when Type = FilterType.Menu 

It would be much cleaner to just do something like:
.AllowFiltering().FilterSettings(filter => filter.Type(FilterType.Menu).Mode(FilterBarMode.OnEnter))

Without a solution in place, in a heavy load environment there is going to be an excess of network traffic due to the server call for each keypress, which in our case is not preferred.

Thank you for considering this

Rich Werning