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I am attempting to use a JS2 In Place editor (Type RTE) on the same page as a JS1 ejFileExplorer however I am finding that the "compatibility CSS" does not appear to support this scenario.

The JS Fiddle at https://jsfiddle.net/n4L8hvrt/1/ demonstrates the three different setups that I have tried. To see the results, uncomment "Test 1" block "Test 2" block etc in the document head. 

The results are:

    Test 1 - (Not using the compatibility CSS files) ej2 popup is placed correctly but the ejExplorer dialog layout is incorrect (Click the Info button to test). The dialog title bar is wider than the dialog itself. Also the Tile and Grid icons in the bottom right of the explorer window are misaligned.

   Test 2 - (Using ej2 compatibility css file with standard ej1 css file). The ej2 popup is NOT placed correctly. It appears off the right of the page or centered on the target element depending on the page width) but the ejExplorer layout appears to be correct.

    Test 3 - Using compatibility CSS files from both libraries. Similar result to Test 2 - Also, note that when the width of the window is reduced, any hidden toolbar items will appear below the Spacer Pane (beneath the File Explorer) when the toolbar is expanded.

Please note that the use of ejFileExplorer from JS1 is purely due to the fact that there is no similar control in the JS2 library. Currently these are the only ej controls on the page however we are likely to use further JS2 controls on the same page as the need arises.