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Recently I decided to update the version of Syncfusion plugins in my project from to 

Upon running the UWP app after the update, most of my SfListViews have wrong height. They previously expanded to accommodate their content but now they suddenly have a whole lot of empty space after the list. Setting ItemSize or AutoFitMode doesn't solve the issue. The only thing that currently works is setting a HeightRequest. However, I want my lists to expand naturally as they did before and not to set height manually.

Currently, I haven't been able to determine why most SfListViews have a lot of empty space. My best guess is that this empty space shows only if the list is not populated with enough items for its height to surpass this "default" height. 
As for possible SfListView features that might be the cause, I don't use any special features. MSfListViews are rather simple - I only set their ItemSource and ItemTemplate. I don't use grouping, header features or anything else. Ironically, I am using them just as a replacement for Xamarin lists, because Xamarin lists (also) have height issues.

I tried to determine when the issue started to appear, or rather, which version of the Syncfusion plugins is causing the issue and have determined that the issue started in version 
In that version, some of my SfListViews experienced this "bug", however, most behaved properly. However, now, in the newest version, it is the opposite - most don't work properly and few show the right height. Instead of fixing it with future versions, the future updates made the issue worse. In the current version, even the SfListViews that worked properly in version no longer work.

Here is a XAML copy paste of a quick test SfListView that is experiencing this issue in version

<list:SfListView x:Name="listViewSelectionMode="None" Margin="0,5,0,0">
                            <StackLayout Orientation="Horizontal">
                                <StackLayout VerticalOptions="Center" Spacing="0">
                                    <Label Text="t" FontSize="14"/>
                                    <Label Text="tTextColor="{StaticResource MediumGrayTextColor2}" FontSize="12"/>
                        <x:Array Type="{x:Type x:String}">

(This list is inside a ContentView->StackLayout->StackLayout, both StackLayouts are vertical)

In the screenshot you can see the "t" for test labels, followed by a large empty space (the issue), and then the rest of the content, which in this case is just some labels that are underneath the list.