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I've run into an issue with SfChart. After a call to GetStream(), certain aspects of the chart UI become unresponsive. For instance, I am no longer able to update the chart's title, and any updates to the chart's data model cause the axis markings to disappear.

Here's some sample code that demonstrates the problem. If you click the "Test" button, you will see that the chart's title becomes stuck at "Before Stream" and is never updated to "After Stream". If, however, you comment out the using statement that makes the call to GetStream(), the title updates to "After Stream" as expected.

    public class ChartStreamPage
        : ContentPage
        public ChartStreamPage()
            SfChart chart = new SfChart();
            chart.HorizontalOptions = LayoutOptions.FillAndExpand;
            chart.VerticalOptions = LayoutOptions.FillAndExpand;
            chart.Title.Text = "Start";

            LogarithmicAxis primaryAxis = new LogarithmicAxis();
            NumericalAxis secondaryAxis = new NumericalAxis();

            chart.PrimaryAxis = primaryAxis;
            chart.SecondaryAxis = secondaryAxis;

            Button testBtn = new Button();
            testBtn.Text = "Test";
            testBtn.Clicked += (sender, e) =>
                chart.Title.Text = "Before Stream";

                // comment / uncomment this statement to see change in behavior
                using (System.IO.Stream stream = chart.GetStream())
                // unless using statement is commented out, this change is not reflected in the UI
                chart.Title.Text = "After Stream";

            StackLayout layout = new StackLayout();

            Content = layout;