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I am using the scheduler in an education application to allow teachers to schedule classes.

These schedules will always be recurring appointments and I use the RRuleGenerator to create the recurrence pattern when the schedule is defined. I then use GetRecurrenceDateTimeCollection to determine, daily, which classes are scheduled.

Although these 2 methods are non UI, they can only be called off an instance of the SfSchedule control. So I need to code 

new SfSchedule().GetRecurrenceDateTimeCollection(pattern, startDate, rangeStart, rangeEnd).ToList();

It would be beneficial if these helper methods were part of a lighter non-ui .Net Standard library. I would not need to instantiate a SfSchedule in order to get dates out of a recurrence pattern. 

With a smaller library we would have the ability get the Schedule Rrecurrence information from the Server call (ASP.Net, where the Xamarin and Syncfusion UI libraries do not exist).  

If they cannot be extracted to their own library, it will still be helpful if these methods were made static so that they could be called without instantiating a schedule control

e.g. SfSchedule.GetRecurrenceDateTimeCollection(...
or,	SfSchedule.RRuleGenerator(...