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We have many different groups in our documents, where different variables with the same name are used -> so the field-name is not enough to identify a field inside the document !

Available methods:
/// <summary>
/// Returns a collection of merge field names found in the document.
/// </summary>
/// <returns>The string array which contains the name of all the merge fields name in the document.</returns>
public string[] GetMergeFieldNames();

/// <summary>
/// Gets a collections of merge field names in the specified group.
/// </summary>
/// <param name="groupName">A String that represents the name of the group.</param>
/// <returns>The string array which contains the name of all the merge fields name in the specified group.</returns>
public string[] GetMergeFieldNames(string groupName);

Is it possible to retreive the list of fields inside a document as WMergeField?

Is it possible to have a method to pass a WMergeField instance and get the linked owner group (if any ) ?

Example of our document content, where MERGEFIELD Text:Name is present in different group



Name: «Text:NAME»

Desc: «Text:DESC»

Type desc: «Text:TYPE_DESC»





Name: «Text:NAME»

Extension: «Text:EXT»