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Operation: Apply a date format to a column in the ejFileExplorer control.

Method: Set the column type property to 'date' and format property to the required date format. e.g {0:dd/MM/yyyy}... or 'dd/MM/yyyy'.. as specified in the documentation (see below for links)

Expected result: The column will display using the specified format.

Actual result: The format property is ignored and the column displays in UTC format e.g. Tue Jan 22 2019 20:20:00 GMT +0000 (Greenwich mean time)

The documentation explicitly says that the format property follows the same rules as the ejGrid control. 

"Gets or sets an object that indicates to render the grid with specified columns. You can use this property same as the column property in Grid control." 

The above quote is from this link 

The documentation for the columns.format property implies that the correct notation is {0:dd/MM/yyyy} ... however this does not appear to be the case.

The value returned from the datasource is a date object. The type property implies that I should specify the javascript data type however this is not clarified in any documentation that I can find.

Can you please advise.


(Updated the question as I hit 'Submit' too early)