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Having added a custom tool bar item to the ejFileExplorer control, if I then call fileExplorerObj.disableToolbarItem('MyCustomTool') the call will fail with error [TypeError: i[f].toLowerCase is not a function]

As a workaround I can add a toLowerCase() function to the custom item definition which returns the id of the item. e.g. 

            name: "Setting",
            id: "Setting",
            tooltip: "Setting",
            css: "e-fileExplorer-toolbar-icon Setting",
            action: function () {
           // Remove the following line to see the bug in action
                 return 'Setting'; // NOT lower case !!

The behaviour can be see here - http://jsplayground.syncfusion.com/s4hsvakn

Remove the toLowerCase() function from the item definition to see the error.