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I have a feature request. 

I would like to request that a new event is added to the above product to allow a event to be raised when a group merge field is is started or ended Eg:  

public delegate void MergeFieldGroupStartEventHandler(object sender, MergeFieldGroupEventArgs args);

public delegate void MergeFieldGroupEndEventHandler(object sender, MergeFieldGroupEventArgs args);.

I would also like to request that the MergeFieldGroupEventArgs contains a list of the merge field data that the group is to render.

Thank you very much.


Further details 15/02/2019

 In a nutshell the use cases are:


  1. Programmatically change/filter the mail merge group data based upon a value in the word document that exists between the start and end group
  2. Access and alter word document items between the groups start and end tag. This might be useful for populating unusual word items that can’t accept mail merge fields, but need the data a merge filed with the group data. A good example would be an imbedded excel spreasdsheet


A sample template using the above use cases might look like the attachment


Thank you for your time: