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What a mess....lol at bootstrap compatibility.  Your FormValidatorModel needs some serious help.  There is no consistency in how you apply the error or valid classes even in your own control sets.  Part of validation is visual feedback beyond just the text of an error.  There is no way to control anything other than where the text message appears.  Only possible thing that would be close would be your validationComplete event, but where is the documentation?  How the hell am I supposed to use a Event with a type of Object without any documentation?!  Seriously, go look at Boostrap 4 and how they handle the visual feedback and style placement, that would works about 1000x better than the garbage broken css you have that was any hope I had for getting some sort of visual feedback from your validation "library".  It looks like you tried, but your mess of css just overwrites itself because of the layering and class placement within controls. 

Feature request, fix css and provide hooks for managing visual feedback of input validation.